Friday, December 02, 2011

Quick Tip: Form Alliances

If someone is abusing you at work, you may want to consider forming alliances with their enemies to bring them down. Figure out who they've been attacking, in addtion to you, and try to determine if what you're hearing is real and credible. Analyze the enemies for ayone who seems reasonable and level-headed. Then, befriend them as much as possible. Don't announce an agenda, just build a positive relationship and see what starts to come up in conversation. Maybe, you take the first step in sharing a bit of information and see if they open up. There i strength in numbers. Someone might be afraid to speak up alone, but might be more vocal with at least one other person on board. Both of you can lean on each other against a common enemy, which might make your abuser stop and pause. Don't be introverted. Seek out alliances and friendships, when under attack.


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