Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Start Dusting Off That Resume

So, we're getting late in the year, which means folks are starting to think about the new year and getting a new job. Yeah, it's still a tough economy and the job market is competitive, but folks are still hiring. I know a few people who've gotten jobs--management jobs--in the last couple of weeks.

Take a look at your resume and make sure it's up-to-date and captures your skills and accomplishments. Show it to a friend and get feedback. Keep it simple--don't send out 4 pagers. Edit!

Tailor your cover letter to the company you're applying to and follow-up. If you get an interview, be on time. Ask questions. Know facts about the company and postion you're applying for. Be positive and smile, but don't be phony.

If you have a talent, start making a plan on how you can make a profit and, eventually work for yourself!!!


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