Monday, November 28, 2011

Don't Squander an Opportunity!

I work with a 30 year-old African-American female who's in bad standing with management. Part of it is her doing and part is management now trying to get rid of a nuisance. I gave this woman an opportunity to work in a highly visible role to try to help us drive in some business. I put her on my team because she had the skills to do well and it would be a great way to get her to rehabilitate her image. What did she do with this opportunity?

She started the event by announcing to a member of management that she couldn't give 100% because she'd been drinking all night. #1: they could send her for a drug/alcohol test. #2: they could have sent her home without pay. #3: she could have faced other disciplinary action for saying she was at work possibly still inebriated.

She didn't fail me. She failed herself and her son.

You can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink.

Has someone given you an opportunity? What did you do with it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

chirp, one is going to answer that in all honesty..I got a job working with the port in oct and was let go in december. I couldn't handle the yelling supervisor, crabby black female coworkers who were jealous because I didn't come in as a TEMP first. The person who gave me the reference does look at me differently but we've never discussed why. The negative environment helped me loose 13 lbs in two weeks! Another lady I spoke with over the phone was "on tranquilizers" to deal with her stress. In the long run...the "good money" wasn't worth my health

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