Monday, November 14, 2011

Crabs in Barrel!

There's a stereotype that Black people behave like crabs in a barrel, trying to pull each other down. That came to mind, when a good friend told me about how the Black and Hispanic workers in her office made false alegtions about her and the Hispanic man, who run the facility.

She'd been complaining to me for months about the poor work ethic and bad attitudes of many of the staff and that, despite coaching and counseling, the behavior and lack of accountability persisted. These workers turned around and called in the union to make claims of feeling physically threatened and of unfair demands on how much work should be done.

What's funny is the actual workers in the group, who've been picking up their slack, have already come out in defense of the bosses and in condemning those making complaints that are unfounded. The stories of the complainants have started falling apart under union questioning. The baselessness is becoming clear.

I always say, "Just do your job and go home." Why people have energy to make false complaints, which hurt those who come forward with REAL issues of abuse that should be taken seriousy, can do all that but not their jobs is beyond me. Do your job and leave.

Someone hatched the plan and egged everyone on and then a large group became involved in trying to pull down their own. It's sad and pathetic. In the end, they will probably do more to harm themselves since their work output is going to be evaluated and compared to other offices. If you are doing two interviews with claimants in 8 hours and someone else is doing 10 - 14 in the same time, THE PROBLEM IS YOU. Don't complain, when asked to do more.

And don't try to pull good people down like a crab. False allegations hurt more people than you think. I hope they are all exposed and outed as the low lifes that they are.


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