Tuesday, November 22, 2011

False Allegations

As long as you make allegations of mistreatment at work that you truly believe and think that actions and evidence support your allegations, you are making your complaint in good faith and there shouldn't be a penalty or any consequences for your allegations.

However, if you knowingly make false allegations of work place abuses you are opening yourself up for a potenaial world of harm. Making intentionally false allegations can open you up to employment actions..and rightfully so. We can't afford to protect those who make it harder for all of us, who are fighting for our employment lives. And, we can't have investigations into false allegations taking time away from investigating and resolving real issues.

We fight every day for truth and justice. Not bullsh%t!!!!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happens when you can PROVE your employer made false allegations? I am a "civil servant" and so is my supervisor so it is a little more difficult to examine the evidence and get disciplined for it-especially supervisory positions.

4:31 PM  

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