Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vindication for a Friend!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that a friend was falsely being accused of workplace abuses. Well, justice prevailed and she completely vindicated. As a matter of fact, the invesigators stated the entire thing was "ridiculous" and "trivial" after meeting with the accusers and hearing their grievances.

What makes me happier is that the entire office is banding together in support and are only speaking to those making false complaints when it's work-related. They are on their own. It has been unspoken that people are treating them like lepers, but everyone was aware they were lying because they bragged about it and people have eyes and ears. the thinking is that people like that will go after anyone and no one trusts them.

Now, one is saying the whole thing was a misunderstanding and can't everyone move on, but her false accusations could have cost someone their job. That is misunderstanding. One accuser confessed that she was making false allegations because my friend "needed to be humbled." That's not a misunderstanding.

Still, the liars lost this round. And, that's a victory for us all.


Blogger pHenomenalhairstylist said...

Seems like the company could find enough ground to terminate the employees who made false accusations. I would think that your friend would be doing a "song and dance" if that would happen.

7:58 PM  
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