Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't assume your manager and/or supervisor is aware of all the ways you've contributed to the company. If a client/customer gives you a compliment, pass it on!
Keep track of your accomplishments throughout the year and make sure to tell your manager about achievements as they happen. Get credit for everything you do!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Do What You Gotta Do and Go Home!

As I watch the work effort, or lack thereof, of some of the associates working at my job, I can't help but ask myself why they don't just do what they gotta do and go home?

I don't know why any person with free choice would choose to take a route through life, work, dating, etc. that would make their life more difficult and filled with more drama. Unless this person needs to be evaluated by a professional (read: psychiatrist), it just doesn't make sense to continually walk yourself into a bad place.

How many times does anyone need to be asked to do their job and to do it correctly? I've started asking associates the question, "How is what you're doing helping us meet our goals today?" And, nearly every time they look at me, blink a few times, and fail to answer. They will eventually say something like, "Wow, you really put me on the spot!" or "I guess I'm not doing anything," or "I don't know how to answer that."

That's the point!

If you have no justification for doing what you are doing, when it goes against what is expected of you at work, then you are providing both the ammunition and the gun to your supervisor and employer and you should not claim that you are a target of someone's personal vendetta.

Just do what you were hired to do and go home. If you are doing the right thing and someone comes after you, it's a whole lot easier to try to prove you've been wrongly targeted for racial or other reasons, then if you are a low performer still being targeted for those same reasons.

Don't give a racist in your workplace a legitimate reason to come after you. Keep some of your power and control what you can!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Not all criticism at work is unwarranted or race-related. We have to be careful about making false accusations because we harm real cases of racial abuse.
If you have been given the tools you need to succeed with a task at work & you don't & you get called out for it, maybe the criticism is legitimate!
As hard as it may be to hear, you can't blame managers for problems that you've caused unless you were given bad instructions or were undermined in some way.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There are times when people create their own problems at work by using poor judgment & not being able to control their actions. If you work, you aren't a baby!!
I had to pull an employee aside for having long conversations with cowokers & he escalated the situation by being dismissive & using slurs. He is being fired.
You have to decide how you will respond to coaching from managers. You should be treated with respect, but can't do what you want when you want & how you want.
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