Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Coachable Offense?

I was thinking about a Vice President I used to work with, who got along with me fine until we met in person. I ammend that--she really liked me. But, we met in person and her mouth fell open at the sight of me and then she walked away. Then, she was outright hostile whenever we spoke. I knew immediately that she had a problem with my race AND color. See, she dealt with lighter skinned Blacks much better and wasn't quite as nasty with them. So, me being Black and dark was just too much. Things got nasty and I demanded to be pulled from working directly with her. Here's where it got interesting... A white Director admitted that she had an issue with this (pointing to his skin in reference to my color). So, management knew she had a race issue--she also had issues with dark Hispanics. The answer was to coach her. She wasn't documented in writing. She wasn't put on a 30-60-90 dy probation. She was coached. And, the problems with her continued. More coaching was the solution. At some point coaching is condoning behavior. Coaching without penalty for someone of her level, who knew better and knew legal consequences meaningless. She just did what she wanted and tried t use race-neutral accusations to hide her real feelings. Blatant racism is not a coachable offense... It's a fireable offense. That's how a society puts a stop to workplace racism IF that society believes it is wrong.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Back!

It's been a while since my last post. My job has taken up most of my free time, since I can work any of 3 different shifts and we've been down a manager. Anyway, we've filled the position and my work schedule will get better now. Translation--I can get back to the blog. Stay posts coming soon. Thanks!!
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