Monday, October 31, 2011

Talk About Asking For It!

If you know you've been performing below standards but management doesn't have enough to fire you, why would you engage in behavior that dances on the fine line between remaining employed--in a bad economy-and getting fired?

A Black coworker did just that and is now crying to get her job back and has to argue wrongful termination. But, all she had to do is come to work and do her job and go home. What she did was butt into another coworker's busness and pull a "prank" on another coworker. They'd been arguing and she took sides. That prank was all the bosses needed to show her the door.

Yes, they exaggerated the situation and they know it. But, she touched company property and that sounds egregious and reads that way on paper. Plus, she's been denied unemployment!!!

Was it worth it? No! But, some of us can't help falling into traps or making our own. Please remain focused, if you know you are a target and worry about yourself. Force your employer to go out of their way to do you harm, which could help you prove mistreatment or a hostile work environment. Don't walk around with a bad attitude. Fake it. Leave on your own terms and stop giving management ammunition. Be smart. Think before you do anything. Ask yourself, "does this help me or hurt me?"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Will return to blog next week!

Life sometimes gets in the way of what we're doing. I definitely don't want this blog to die. I'll be back. New posts on Monday. You won't believe what's been going on at work! Stay tuned.
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