Tuesday, November 03, 2009

You Can Take It With You: Part II

As promised, yesterday, today's post is part two of the information you should take when you leave a job, especially if you were the target of race-based abuses (discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation).


--A copy of your resignation letter

--An official copy of your job description

--A copy of your performance reviews

--A copy of congratulatory email/”thank you” email

--Writing samples – Writing can be an equalizer that makes you competitive with those who have degrees or more advanced degrees than you possess. Many people write poorly, including the college educated population. You are extremely valuable to an employer, if you write well. Always keep samples of your work. This includes keeping samples of any technical writing or proposal writing, as well as any writing for specific audiences (e.g., teens, AIDS patients, etc.)

--Design/product samples - For instance, if you oversaw or coordinated the work of a creative team or vendors

--Product shots -Stock photos of any finished products that you helped create

--General samples of your work, specific to your field (e.g., research analysis reports)

--Letters of recommendation – Make sure to get positive written feedback from your superiors and coworkers before leaving any job

--Phone numbers for oral references – Line up your references as you pursue other work opportunities. Find out what phone number your references would like to be called on (Some may want to receive a phone employment verification call on their cell phone and not their work phone)

Always think about what information is specific to your job/field and compile information that can be included in a portfolio of your work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

References are so important, always make sure yours are in order and that you keep in touch with the people you work with after you leave. That way they're never suprised by a call... and if you're not sure what they will say, you can get your references checked by a company like allisontaylor.com or reference-check.com. Don't let a bad reference cost you a job

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