Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Step Forward...Two Steps Back!

In the midst of some employees banding together to do something positive to make constructive changes at work, we've had a scandal break out involving employee theft. Now, this scandal doesn't appear to be connected to the vocal employees and doesn't seem to be a means to begin intimidating staff because the theft dates back to before these employees had a meeting with the executive to complain.

What's sad is that we've got one group of employees who are serious about their jobs and want to do things to improve conditions for everyone. But, on the flip side, we've got employees doing everything they can to line their own pockets and they are making things bad for the good workers.

The fact is that there will be turmoil through the weekend as the rest of the thieves are weeded out. Unfortunately, the first two that have been caught are Black women. This isn't to say that everyone connected to stealing will be Black but they will be Black or Hispanic because we comprise almost the entirety of workers at this store.

Those of us who have been doing the right thing are disgusted because, while these workers will lose their jobs, we will all be faced with the aftermath of feeling like you need to be proven innocent--even though you've been accused of nothing.

It's unfortunate that some of us engage in stereotypical behavior, but you have people of all races who get down like that.

I just wanted to bring this up because this is not uncommon at other workplaces. There's always a group trying to do the right thing and another group, who seems determined to undermine anything positive that can happen.
Which side are you on?

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

It's something we all have to reflect on.


Blogger andr0078 said...

I understand the situation you described. The majority of the workers in the store are Black & Hispanic. At least, you don't feel so alienated. I am the only non-white in my workplace and it's very lonely. The whites don’t listen to the opinion of non-whites even though the non-whites are more qualified.

7:15 AM  

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