Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Post Today!

I've got too many errands to run before heading to work for the night shift. I'm off from Wednesday through Friday, so I'll be back with updates on those days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

may the universe bless your path regardless of who you are. you have touched upon a topic that a lot people will respond to.

i am a black dominican and today i had an incident which brought my grown ass to tears. i am sad that its 2008, theres a black man in the white house, and some white people still are arrogant, narrow minded robots.

i walked into a white prop trading firm to ask about a deposit or if there is a way for me to apply. an arrogant jack ass responded, "We dont hire people off the street." This man knew nothing about my education, thoughts, ambition or skill set.

Thank you for writing this blog and if you ever need help doing any menial task in an effort to publish your book I would gladly help.

I think that entrepreneurism is the only way people of color will survive on this planet. The system is not for us. We tried, we tried hard, we even straightened our hair for whitey, we wore their colonial clothes, spoke their language around them and still, there is no progress.

I am only 26, after only 8 to 11 years working as a black man in this country I REFUSE TO BE A PART OF CORPORATE AMERICA. I rather starve and learn how to trade, write a book, learn web design and open up an ecommerce store than to bend for these people.

They are some of the most arrogant, ignorant, child like, enslaved, unoriginal, banal people I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

Sometimes I tell myself that these people MUST be kidding. NOPE. They are dead serious. This is how they really are. Sometimes i feel sorry that they lack so much humanity. Compassion, TACT.

Now, to grind your gears, I will mention that I am engaged to a white person. Part of her appeal is that she is nothing like her white peers. I sometimes wonder if under her pale skin she is a displaced minority.

It is mind boggling how these people run (ruin) industry, albeit poorly. I am just in shock. I grew up in NYC in areas where the only contact with whites was police and teachers. I then went to a white high school and finally learned how white america functions. It was a scary experience. Not all whites were the same, but the majority were stupid. As in, they could not read, spell or write a coherent essay...IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE!

Mind boggling. I think the solution to dealing with white people is simple and double sided. One side, INDIFFERENCE. We as a colored people should work with other groups in order to build strength in communities and business. We should stop doing their work for them. Stop supplying them with our material, culture and experience. The NBA should voluntarily disband and form their own league. The NFL should take its talent and do an AND1 type tour of the world. What would these people do when we, the slaves, wake up to the fact that they have no creativity (stereotype) and no Godliness in terms of how they deal with the rest of the human race?

Lets take our rap albums, jazz, mathematics, struggle, poetry, cooking, culture and beauty and keep it to ourselves. Why keep sharing with those that dont view us as equals?

On the other side, get this, we should deal with them with instances of LOVE and COMPASSION. So I say indifference in business and creativity 90% of our interactions. As for the other 10% I say give them LOVE and COMPASSION.

Sorry for the long comment. I am new to NEW JERSEY and never expected this kind of ignorance. Somehow, after the election, I was waiting for a NEW WHITE MAN. Instead i got the same old jackass.

5:32 PM  

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