Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

There is only one thing to discuss today and that is the election of Sen. Barack Obama as our next President. Just off of the top of my head...

--I think about those beautiful little Black girls growing up in the White House and Michelle Obama as First Lady. Finally, a First Family that looks like us!

--Blacks and Hispanics came hard on Election Day. Yes, Obama got the White votes he needed in many of the suburbs in normally Republican states. However, the Black/Brown divide was nonexistent yesterday. That's how Obama was able to flip Colorado and New Mexico and Florida and Virginia and, maybe, North Carolina.

--I saw drug dealers and some of the most trifling people in my neighborhood going to the polls to vote!

--Obama has a mandate from the American people. They are behind his vision. His electoral vote count represents the slaughter of McCain and the GOP.

--Spike Lee said it best today on a cable news program, when he said the GOP was like TV Land. It's shows like Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, and Howdy Doody. He said the GOP was living in the 1950s, in an all-White TV existence.

--Back when Obama announced he was running for President, my sister said he would win because "America's not White anymore. Everybody is mixed or they are used to hanging around a mixed race group of friends." She was right. Obama had a real coalition of Americans.

--Out in Times Square in NY it was really something to hear cab drivers honking their horns for about 45 minutes straight. The faces were African, Russian, Hispanic, Haitian, Black, and White. But, every face had a huge smile. Passengers were hanging out the windows shouting Obama's name. Crowds were making Times Square look like people were starting to gather to watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve. It was a mob scene.

--Black teens were talking about not expecting to ever see a Black President in their lifetime and now that is a reality before they hit 21 years of age!

--Green (money) meant more than race/skin color. People are broke and scared.



What were the thoughts that came to your mind after Obama was called as the next President? Post a comment.


Blogger Hawa Bond said...

To my surprise, my 9-year old son followed the campaign. Suddenly he was asking questions:

"Mom, if I ran for president, would you vote for me?"

"Mom, would you volunteer for my campaign?"

Of course, my answers were a resounding, "Yes!"

My son's first memorable election resulted in our first Black president. He was only 5-years old during the last election. I explained what he needed to do to consider the presidency once he grows older.

I can truly say to my Black son, "You can even be president when you grow up."

He wants to be a teacher and then a principal first.

My 16-year old son is excited that he'll be eligible to vote in just 2 years. He wants to vote in the next Presidential election. Obama ran on the platform that Hope and Change aren't just words... but they're glimpses into our future.

Did you see how other countries, like Spain, Greece, and Japan partied as Obama won? As a 37-year old woman with aging parents who remembered the Civil Rights Movement... I cried.


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Anonymous kingdomseer said...

Hi, I'm Queen A, I just would like to say that Obama, is already on the right track, he relize that this is just a start, and he is also letting everybody know that the Government is not going do it all, and I, Queen A, just would like to say, now the hard job begins, Obama is going to do the Presidential thing true, and we that are called, and choosen, has to handel our part also. We can't look over thee ills that have been revealed to thee American people, for as thee bailouts, and thee home forclosures, and thee lost of many 401k's, even though they got thee bail out, we are at least expecting them, to confest thee wrongs that people has endured because of thee gread, of gasoline, and the billions that has been taken through thee mortgage frud, and this credit card system that grips thee American workers and become such a torment in people lives, and the millions of families thats been destroyed because of it, we need new policies in place so that people don't loose everything they have with a system that knows their going to choke in the end. These Institutions don't even answer to thee President in the pass or he looked the other way for so much damage to be done., now if they won't to boost thee economy immediatly they need to compensate thee Citizens far back as twenty years, for those who have died and gone, and striped of any dignity,. Because this system been in place for a long time to have cause this kind of damage.

10:50 AM  

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