Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Will Be The Impact on Race Relations?

I've had several conversations with friends about the near and long-term impact that President-Elect Barack Obama will have on race relations in America.

Some believe that acts of racism will spike due to White resentment of a Black president. They think racism in the workplace will also increase because Whites will feel the walls of the world caving in on them and will, therefore, do whatever it takes to maintain a control of power and authority.

Others think that many Whites will feel compelled to fall in line, having seen that "White world" isn't what it used to be based on the coaltion that Obama put together on Election Day. They believe that the reality of a diverse society will force most Whites to work to improve race relations--even in the workplace.

What do you think?

Do you think the election of President-Elect Obama will have a positive or negative impact on overall race relations in America? Or, do you think there will be no change at all?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an African-American female that works in an extremely busy airport in Los Angeles with predominately white passengers. I worked on the night that Obama won the election and before he won everything was fine but I knew something was wrong while we were watching his acceptance speech and noboby white said a word good or bad then they started coming into the store where we sell a lot of Obama suff and there was a definite change of attitude for the worse tossing credit cards on the counter, not answering questions and an allover sense of doom, and we also had an incident where at our other store two white women actually hit Obama face on a magazine and snatched the money out of the hands of the sales associate saying they would not buy there if we support that nigger Obama, also many other incidents have been reported in the Los Angeles area so I think that there will not be a change in our race relations if anything it's going to get worse!

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