Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hiring the 52nd Retarded Cousin!

I remember a comedian doing a joke that I’ve shared on this blog before. He said, “Some White folks would rather hire their 52nd retarded cousin than give the job to a Black person.”

As I continue to listen to Gov. Sarah Palin doing these interviews with Katie Couric, I am constantly reminded of that joke. And, it makes me think that there are millions of Americans that would rather put this idiot into office than see a Harvard educated Black man become President. Knowing that John McCain is 72 years old and a cancer survivor, the racism and double-standards are so strong that people don’t have the good sense to be very afraid of this woman and what she could do to this country.

Like I’ve written before, Sarah Palin reminds me of all those incompetent and unqualified White people I’ve worked with over the years. They thrive on the job, despite being intellectually incompetent. It should be shocking. Instead, it’s commonplace.

By no means am I implying that there aren’t Blacks and other so-called minorities who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and/or don’t know what they’re doing in the workplace. There are plenty of fools to go around, just not enough honesty about those folks.

The difference is that an incompetent and unqualified Black worker doesn’t usually have a long shelf life at their job. But, if they happen to stay around at a company, they are normally stuck in the same job for years. There is no discussion or consideration of a promotion. What that incompetent and unqualified Black worker is is what they will always be.

There’s usually a discrepancy in what happens to incompetent and unqualified White workers versus incompetent and unqualified Black workers. White workers can thrive and move all the way up into management and beyond. The sky is the limit.

Still, many people around them often wonder (silently and out loud) how this person has gotten where they are. You have to ask yourself…when will employers realize the pitfalls and problems of bringing on incompetent and unqualified workers?

Incompetent and unqualified workers often:

--have to over rely on other workers to teach them the ins and outs of what they should be doing, stealing work time from other employees;

--slow down progress on projects and tasks because they don’t know what they are doing and can’t turn around work in a timely fashion;

--bulls*it everyone around them because they can’t admit they don’t know what they are doing and need a cover story;

--don’t use the best procedures or methods to get things done because they are in over their heads;

--blame other employees for mistakes they caused or contributed to in order to cover up the fact they have caused a problem and don’t want to be held responsible for their mistake; and

--may not take criticism well because they are aware of their shortcomings and don’t like those issues pointed out to them.

Incompetent and unqualified managers often:

--can’t see the big picture because of their very limited understanding of a complex issue, project, etc.

--micromanage their subordinates to hide their own shortcomings and to appear to be doing something managerial;

--only know the broad strokes of what people do and should be doing, but they don’t really understand how that person should get it done and, therefore, are often useless in providing assistance and oversight to their own staff;

--don’t know how to mediate issues among staff; and

--are often more prone to not know the policies and procedures of a company. Additionally, they may be unaware of the specifics of federal statues, which prohibit discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, etc. Therefore, unqualified and incompetent managers may be more prone to violate federal statutes or to allow them to be violated and they may be more likely to mishandle sensitive issues, such as race-related problems.

I could go on. But, I’m sure you have vast experience dealing with these types of folks. And, I’m sure you have experience with these incompetent and unqualified workers and managers being defended to the last breath by others at your job—including management and/or executives. “He/she has my complete faith,” they’ll say. And, you have to scratch your head.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but Sarah Palin is the symbol of much of what is wrong in the American workplace. She puts a real face on the issues that Blacks deal with on the job and even as job applicants. We are up against many nameless and faceless idiots. On top of that, it feels like Blacks are often the only ones seriously having their credentials and qualifications questioned. An idiot can get hired or can beat you out for a promotion. And, you have to scratch you head.

Will the day ever come, when the best man or woman prevails—as a matter of course and not as the exception?



Anonymous Nicole said...

I hope you are wrong, and that enough people don't see race as a reason to vote for McCain.

I believe you are wrong,although a year ago, I might not have.

Obama will be our next president, IMO, and I will personally be very proud to see him representing the US. Finally, someone with intelligence, dignity, and an understanding of the real world.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sad reading your blog. I'm a white woman who supports Obama. There are plenty of us who are voting on the Obama/Biden ticket because they are the only choice to help us get out of the mess we're in. Obama's having gone to Harvard doesn't mean a thing to me. George W. Bush went to Yale and Harvard and look what he did. And Abraham Lincoln only had two years of formal schooling. What matters to me is who is the most curious about the world. George W. Bush and Sarah Palin don't even read the newspaper. It's shameful and scary. Why people vote for them is beyond me.
I'm sorry that you dislike white people so much. I'm guessing you've had plenty of reason to become the person you are. There are certainly a lot of terrible people out there from every race and religion. I've had the same babysitter helping our family for many years. We both laugh at how there are both good and bad babysitters and good and bad mothers. Some of the mother's wouldn't think to offer her a drink of water, while others welcome her into their homes. It's just the nature of the world, right?
My original reason for writing was that I am the mom of a special needs daughter. A total joy who happens to be what you call "retarded." When you use that word it brings great pain to me because she is who she is and is doing the best she can. I think sometimes people use it without thinking about how hurtful it really is. Sometimes I think that people with special needs are an easy target because they just can't defend themselves. So, that's this mom's plea. Not trying to take away anyone's right to use any language they want. Just hoping that if people know how hurtful it is they will find another choice. Naive? I hope not. My favorite quote (from Harvey Fierstein) is "prejudice tolerated is intolerance encouraged."
Thanks again for listening.

7:36 AM  
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