Friday, September 26, 2008

Don't Forget To Watch the Debate Tonight at 9 PM E.S.T.

Before you check out the new post, below, I wanted to remind you not to forget to tune into the Presidential debate tonight at 9 pm, E.S.T.

For those who haven’t heard, John McCain is threatening not to attend because he wanted the media to talk about something other than the fact that he knows nothing about the economy, his poll numbers are starting to slip, and his VP candidate can’t articulately answer a single question.

Speaking of McCain, I'd like to share this quote from his memoir:

"I have craved distinction in my life," McCain wrote in his 2002 political memoir, "Worth the Fighting For." "I have wanted renown and influence for their own sake. That is, of course, the great temptation of public life. ... I have never been able to conquer it permanently, but I have tried."

The Blogger says, “Anyone who votes for McCain is going to get exactly what they have coming to them, if he wins!” This isn't the only time he's spoken about power for the sake of power. He's previously said that he wanted to be President not because of patiotism, but because he's always wanted to hold the office.



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