Monday, September 22, 2008

Charged for Rape Kits!

Any regular reader of this blog knows that I include updates on the Presidential election because there is too much at stake to ignore it. Besides, I think we all understand that decisions made by any president will impact our careers, insurance benefits and premiums, ability to pursue or continue a higher education, etc.

Today's blurb from the political world is the news that GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, allowed a policy to exist which charged women for their own rape kits. A rape victim would be charged as much as $1,000, while Mrs. Palin was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Her aides say she didn't know what was going on, but a police chief and councilman were fighting to make the rape kits free and this was information that would have passed the mayor's desk. They say it is ludicrous that the mayor, Sarah Palin, didn't know women were being victimized again. In order to have any hope of finding their assailant and/or proving a case of rape, these women had to fork over big bucks to get a rape kit. It should be noted that Alaska has always ranked high in the country for the rape and murder of women by men.

Sarah Palin says she'll champion for women's rights, but her record and stances on many issues shows what kind of leader she has been and will be in regard to women's rights.

Why the focus on Sarah Palin? Clearly, the GOP and McCain, in particular, are trying to ride Gov. Palin's gender all the way to the White House. They are running as almost a co-presidency. She will be a very powerful person, should McCain win. We'd all better know what we are getting and we had all better register to vote and turn out to vote on November 4th.

If you aren't registered, go to to register to vote! There's a link on this blog.


Blogger Me said...

Hello Ms. Wills, I came across your site because I was looking for some answers to an odd phenomenon (well maybe not so odd, but I am trying to understand) that has gone on for a large part of my career; maybe you can help me shed some light (hopefully blog about it). I am 33 yo gentleman, relatively attractive, well mannered, dressed etc... I am a friendly person; with an easy smile and a generous heart. For the last few years I have worked as an engineer in technical firms, usually being the only 'brotha' there. When I go to work (as most brothas and sistas) I go to do some good work, to do something fulfilling and to work as part of a team and so try not to "see" race, just co-workers etc...

But there is a weird phenomemon that happens with white women. Somehow, as friendly as I am, I always get a weird vibe; its something like what happpened today. I get to work early and I usually make coffee. As I was making the coffee, a young (attractive, high heeled) manager walked in and seemed somewhat surprised or unsure how to 'take' me. I said good morning in a friendly "hey its Monday" way.... and tried to make some friendly small talk. The was no friendly repartee in return. It was odd. Later that same morning I am walking in the hallway, and here comes Miss-Dressed-Way-Too-Cute-For-Work walking towards me; if I hadn't said good morning she wouldn'thave acknowledged me, as if I were invisible, I mean shit I had on a great looking suit, how do you not see me?. WE WERE THE ONLY TWO PEOPLE IN THE HALLWAY! We are relatively the same age, and maybe in some weird world would have found each other attractive (I am not attracted to white girls, just simply make a point that we are all human and so we can say hello to each other.) I get this kinda weird interaction all the time. I asked one of my lady friends about it. Is it something in my face? Do I dress weird etc... and she said no. She said I come across as very confident and white people (especially White women)do know what to make of me, they are uncomfortable. What do you think? Is this a phenomenon you understand, could appreciate or elaborate on. What is it with these white that walk around so perky and eager-beaver? ANd think they can ignore and marginalize me?

It drives me crazy, because I don't know if its me or them?



8:10 PM  
Blogger S. Mary Wills said...

It's them--not you!

And, it's actually not that uncommon. I've experienced something similar and have heard complaints from other Black workers about feeling marginalized in much the same way. I don't understand how you can see a coworker or stand in a room or elevator alone with them and not acknowlege that person's existence. But, it happens.

I've worked with White people who would only acknowledge a Black person's presence if they were forced to work with them on a project. This has happened to me several times. After months of a White person not speaking to me for any reason, I would be greeted with smiles and conversation only after we worked together. Some people are weird and have no social skills. And, some may have other issues or biases.

It's hard to figure out. Looking at your experience, being a Black engineer (and the only one there), these White women may think you want to get in their stuff!!!! (ha-ha)

But, I tend to agree with your friend that they don't know what to make of you. If they aren't used to an attractive, well-dressed and intelligent Black man, they just may not know how to react to you or how to conversate with you. You're an anomaly to them. They may not see just another person, but may see "a Black man," which may be something different than just another person to communicate with, greet, make small talk, etc. They might be more comfortable with you, if you were a low-level employee. Your position/status may be causing the angst.

The other thing is that Blacks are often seen as having no right to be confident. Confidence in us often translates to being uppity or distant or of having some other negative connotation.

Or, it really could be sexual.

I worked at an office, where the White women would go crazy about any good looking Black man that was hired. No matter what the Black man looked like, the Black women would be asked if we saw the new guy who "looked like Denzel"? Then, the matchmaking would begin.

Part of this was because we had a Black guy dating a White woman and they came to the office party together, causing quite a stir for no good reason at all. The next day, our President/CEO called them into a meeting and told them their relationship was inappropriate because the White woman was only separated and not actually divorced. How was that her business? Anyway, after that was when we had White women pushing any single Black man down our throats.

This could really be their issue, where some of them are attracted or intrigued by you and don't know how to respond to you because they don't know how it would play out in the office.

Or, they could see you as a stereotypical sex fiend. You know, the oversexed and agressive Black man, who will want to date them because White women are supposed to be a Black man's kryptonite.

I say that because a friend has recently been dealing with her White, female maanger that keeps telling her of her "nightmares" where Black, male employees are raping her in the office, in the bathroom stalls, etc.

I hate to say that there's some stereotypical Black man as the agressor thing going on, but they may think you are or would potentially be attracted to them and some of them may not know how to react. They may fear that you will make a pass at them or fear that they would like to go there, if the opportunity presented itself.

Or, they are just ignorant and don't know how to deal with a professional and intelligent brotha!

You can never tell!!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Me said...

Thank you Ms. Wills, I think it is combination of all your comments; I asked Regina Rodriguez (Chicana on the Edge blog) and she said that many white women are socialized against black men, and so it is likely some unconcious fear that they don't even realize. I carry myself well, it makes me attractive to people, but I also have a very approachable aura around me. I think some white women find me attractive and/or don't know how to just be friendly without coming off as flirtatious. I don't give off the I'm-interested-in-you vibe; because I ahve a distate for the priveledge and the free-to-be-ness they manifest in so many shapes and forms. I aint buying it. So follow up question for you.... what do I do to 'get back at them'... make them uncomfortable?

Also as I was searching online I came across this site:

and I'll be damned if there aint some white women drooling over brothas.. (and vice versa of course).. so it gave me some insight into the secret lust for brothas... ha! I had no clue. Anywya thank you for your response. Hopefully we can talk more about this in the future, becuase it just happens so often.


7:09 PM  
Blogger Me said...

PS... I just wanted to make clear, I love sistas; so sexy and sharp and brown and full of life. I only checked out the to get some insight into what goes on with white women with brothas at work. Its runs the gamut from outright racism to lust and fantasy. To be quite honest, women in general are beautiful, but we live in this stupid country where 'some' women walk around under some misguided impression that they are a prize and every brown man secretly wants them. Nope; keep on truckin... I'll take the sista standing next to you.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous walt235 said...

Bottom line, niggers are stupid and lazy. They drag most places down that are forced to employ them. We need a race war to solve the nigger problem once and for all! Maybe when Obongo loses and the ensuing mass chimpout will start it once and for all!

5:47 PM  

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