Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saying "No" To Whites at Work!

I had medical appointments yesterday and some today, so here's a reprint of a popular post about the drama associated with saying "no" to Whites in the workplace.

I dare you to go to work and tell a White person an emphatic “no” to their next request. If you’re not adventurous enough to say “no,” just say, “Sorry, I can’t help you.” Watch their eyes glaze over and their jaw set. You might as well have smacked the White person in the face. See, I’ve been there and I’ve experienced this more than once. You tell a White person “no,” and it looks like you zapped the person with a stun gun. It’s really just ridiculous.

Whites can take “no” from another White person (even if they don’t like that response), but some Whites just get down right indignant when they get the same answer from a Black person.

So, go ahead. Tell a White coworker the word “no!”

Once you say “no,” notice how you are immediately on the receiving end of a look that screams, “Who the hell do you think you are? You can’t say no to me.” Yes, it’s almost like they think they own you. You are supposed to drop whatever you are doing because they have asked you to do something else. This perception, that you should drop everything, will even sometimes come from White people who are junior to you. So, what do you do?

When I have to tell a coworker “no” to a request, I always provided a reason why I’ve given that response. I’ll make suggestions, if I have ideas on who else might be able to assist them or I will tell them where they can go to get help.

But, here’s the thing. A White person will get mad at a Black person for denying a request, even if that White person has:

--made a last minute request because they failed to properly manage their work;
--made a last minute request because they chose to let an assignment sit on their desk until the last minute;
--made a last minute request because they preferred that someone else do the work, but when that person wasn’t able to do it, they decided to settle on another coworker;
--failed to properly manage the expectations of clients by intentionally promising work before it can realistically be done by anyone in the office (in an attempt to impress the client with a quick turnaround time);
--failed to properly manage the expectations of clients, by not explaining processes and timing/scheduling of work.

Yes, sometimes things happen and you have to impose upon a coworker. However, mismanagement of work, people, and projects often causes more problems than any spur of the moment issues.

Despite any reasons why someone’s request is imposing upon a Black person performing their duties, we are supposed to drop everything. Because, there is often an innate feeling that Black workers don’t have anything better to do. Everything we work on is assumed to be so marginal that it can be dropped at any given time. And, that’s why “no” doesn’t go over well when those two letters fall over the full lips of a brother or a sister on the job.

Regardless of why something can’t be done (even if it is known ahead of time that a task is nearly impossible to complete), a Black person is supposed to bend over backwards and try to make it work anyway. Why? Because we have been asked and because we are often perceived to be darn near owned by the company and its employees (of a certain race). Or, so some people think!

And, that’s the kicker. Because of “perceptions,” there is a palpable anger that develops when a White worker has been told “no” by a Black coworker. That anger often turns into a power struggle. To gain dominance, and out of anger, a White worker will often report a Black person to their supervisor and will now refer to the Black person as being:

--not a team player

The power struggle is designed to make sure that Black person relearns who is in charge. It’s the ultimate double-standard. Black workers often don’t have the basic right to say “no” without it being construed as having to do with a so-called attitude, instead it of just being about business.

We are believed incapable of appreciating the “big picture,” company protocol, deadlines/prioritizing work, ethics requirements, and/or fiscal responsibility (e.g., not performing unnecessary or redundant work, etc.).

At far too many companies, many African Americans don’t believe they have a right to disagree and take a contrary position to a White person because they fear it will make them appear to be confrontational. And, that means we fall right into the hands of those who wish to prevent us from excelling at work. We remain silent. We let people take advantage of us and our fears of labels and retaliation. And, we often cow-tow to the will of nearly every White person who engages us, regardless of whether or not they are in our chain-of-command, in our department, etc.

It’s the plantation, y’all. Except this time, they don’t have us working out in the sun. Those jobs are for the immigrants. Or, should I say illegal aliens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is so funny.

Thanks for the comedic relief.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha! Who in their right mind would as a Black co-worker to do anything??

Unless it was an menial task, you couldn't do anything! Bwaahahahah!!!

If you want incompetence THEN ask a Black co-worker!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why can't we create our own jobs in Africa?

Our country is the sh*t-hole of the world. And we know it.

Stop expecting Whites to provide you with everything.

It's over!


5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll tell you just what goes through that White person's mind when you say that. They think you're being deliberately hard to get along with, divisive, and hateful. You have made yourself an impediment to the smooth operation of the business for some petty little race problem you have, and now THEY have to put up with your uppity racist attitude. Wanna know why Whites don't like blacks? You just said it. And yeah, I put Whites in caps and blacks in lowercase just to piss you off. Because you're a paranoid psychopath. No go chimp out.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If someone feels inferior because of their skin color, psychiatric help is available to dissolve any inferior/superiority complex. If ‘you’ keep thinking you're on a "plantation, only this time you're not out in the sun" that's you believing that you're not any better than your ancestors. Yes, ancestors, the ones who ‘might’ have been slaves, which has nothing to do with you! What a pity. Saying "No" usually requires some reasoning behind it, otherwise it’s considered insubordination, and yes white people are fired for that too. But if you're just saying it to 'stick it to the man' then get off your high horse. Sorry, newsflash, the world doesn't revolve around you. Aw, did I hurt your feelings? This article is just an excuse to have a lazy work ethic. If I want something done, I do it myself. Why? Because if I want it done my way, or what I perceive to be the ‘right’ way I make sure to do it myself. “The power struggle is designed to make sure that Black person relearns who is in charge.” No, it’s called chain of command, we all have a superior in which we have to answer to. We may not like it, but like I said the world doesn’t revolve around ‘YOU‘!!! Deal with it.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lehman Brothers were Jews from Germany. They owned slaves and invested in the cotton exchange. They made their fortune via forced free labour. Today, they are gone with the wind.

To their credit, this firm apologised for their role in slavery. However, some anti-reparation groups are irate.

Unfortunately, Lehman Brothers were jews! NOT WHITES! Jews are not White! Go ask a jew if he is White.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! You should do stand up comedy! Do you wonder why nigger bucks have a 50% unemployment rate?!? It's because the average nigger is more interested in fucking off, stealing or harassing white women than working.

With the average nigger IQ of 85 being borderline retarded, most niggers can only do menial tasks for the most part anyway!

Africa has always been a shithole because niggers are naturally lazy and stupid. China is moving in, and taking over Africa. The new massa in Africa is yella. And they hate you shitskins even more than whites do. Chinese have murdered more than 50 million of their own people. Do you think they'll hesitate to destroy you niggers?!?

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like a Negro to get all bollixed up about being Whites in any regard.

They are the ones who fall back on race every dam time! Still bringing up the plantation bull 24/7.

Whites are sick of you prima donnas with the atitude, that's why. Soon we'll be kicking you out of this country for good. Go that?

Go have a chimp-out, Negress!

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is so much BS in this blog I don't even know where to begin. Here's the truth as I see it. Most Whites don't give a damn about you being black, UNLESS you have this divisive attitude! All the racist comments here are from a vocal minority, 'cause someone put your link on Stormfront. Most whites wish most blacks would shut the hell up about racism and just get along. Maybe if a white person could walk through black neighborhoods without a legit fear of being robbed or killed, they wouldn't have a problem with blacks. A black walks through a white neighborhood and is treated with suspicion, they get offended. A white walks through a black neighborhood, they might not get out alive. Are you starting to see why we have a problem with you? I truly wish it were otherwise but until a lot of your people start following MLK's philosophy of NON VIOLENCE we're going to have a lot of racism in this country.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like diversity is a weakness.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous said...

Now you understand why we Whites are constantly moving away from you. You Black people are all ATTITUDE and no GRATITUDE, thanks to the Jews who got you all stirred up. You have it better in this country than you would in nearly any Black African country.

But the day will come when we run out of places to move. Whatcha gonna do then, Shaniqua or whatever ghetto name you have?

Don't be fooled by our white suckup politicians who rhapsodize about "diversity" and "multiculturalism". The REAL White America is speaking to you on this thread. Time to start working towards a peaceful separation of the races, while it still can be done peacefully.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an old saying, "unless you are the lead dog pulling the sled, the view never changes." My suggestion is to find a black employer and see if he doesn't expect you to do what he wants when he wants it.

Full reparations IN BLOOD were made to the black slaves by over a half a million whites during the War Between The States. Southern plantations and towns were burnt to cinders and Southerners were dispossessed of their homes and disenfranchised. All to emancipate and enfranchise black people. In any case, all the principals are dead. We weren't born then, so we owe each other nothing.

Here's another quote I'd like you to mull over. "Life is unfair." You're pissed off that you weren't born a Rockefeller? Well, welcome to the club; neither was I. But I am here because my European ancestors thought the old continent sucked. I'm assuming the fact that your ancestors didn't join Marcus Garvey's on the Black Star Line back to Africa, because they felt the same way.

However, if you can't feel whole until you are returned to your African roots, just post an address to send donations for your one-way ticket to the African country of your choice. Speaking for the rest of the "white devils," we'll be happy to help you heal ... if you know what I mean!

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are white people still so angry at blacks? Why do they still yearn to see us suffer & be "have nots"? Are they not still in control of the majority of the country? Dont they still own more, have more, do more, & go more places here as well as elsewhere? Dont whites still have MOST of the relaxation, comforts, successes, wealth, class, status, accesses, freedoms, releases, forgivens, dont they have most of the money?!

If thats the case, & certainly it is IMO, could it be they're still angry at 'black' because they spent sooooo many generations on controlling, keeping black from what they have, that they forgot to watch the other folk, primarily the chinamen? Are they mad because its now too obvious the chinese were the real threat, yet they were so busy kissing their asian asses, they didnt bother to look at how clean their asses were? Damn foreigners! LOL

7:54 PM  

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