Thursday, December 02, 2010

IN THE NEWS: The GOP Prevents Extension of Unemployment Benefits with Christmas Approaching!

You know, I always try to talk to people about the importance of voting. But, some people, especially Blacks, say they don't vote because it doesn't matter if Democrats or Republicans are in charge. Nothing will change they say.


Scott Brown, the REPUBLICAN Senator from Massachusetts, cast the deciding vote,on Tuesday, that will stop more than 2 million Americans from collecting unemployment insurance as we approach the Christmas holiday. Brown helped block a $54 million extension of the benefits. With many Blacks being out of work, of course this impacts our community nationwide.

REPUBLICANS blocked unemployment benefits, but they are fighting for more tax cuts for the wealthy. No surprise there!

Some people don't vote because they say who's in power supposedly doesn't matter. And, some people only vote when it comes to Presidential elections. So, by not voting in the mid-terms, the Republicans seized control of the House of Representatives in November. And, what have they done with that?

Well, they just defeated $4.5 billion dollar legislation that would have expanded school lunch programs and would have expanded eligibility. That means more children would have qualified for school lunch.

Republicans say the legislation was an overreach of government power.

Democrats would not have stopped the extension of unemployment and they would not have stopped the school lunch program expansion.

So, when the next series of elections come around, let's all ask ourselves if who is in office really doesn't impact us and our community. And, then let's go out and vote!!

Republicans in the House say they will block anything President Obama or the Democrats put forward that doesn't have to do with tax cuts for the wealthy and a couple of other items--for the wealthy--they have on THEIR agenda. If you think voting doesn't matter, then you might want to ask the poorest among us.

Just something to think about.


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