Friday, November 19, 2010

Drama...What Else is New?

Lots of drama at work surrounding a promotion opportunity. There are 3 candidates, me being one of them. However, there are only 2 positions, so someone will be left out in the cold.

The drama comes from an executive, who encouraged 2 people to apply for the position and they are both the other candidates. Apparently, she told one of these 2 people that she did not want me to get the promotion. Since I don't work with her, how would she achieve that unless she engages in some sort of behind the scenes sabatoge? Apparently, she's given these 2 people a wink and a nod that they were going to be the ones promoted and I will be left out.

So, yes, I've already gone to corporate about this. They deny any wrongdoing or of being complicate in or aware of her actions. Waiting for the announcement, which will be any day. Will this executive, who's steered these 2 people through the process and past every other candidate except me, be able to come out on top? Who knows?

But, it's definite that she will be at least 50% successful in her plan. Even if I get the promotion, 1 of her 2 flunkies will get the other promotion. Not bad for her, is it?

The good thing is, she was removed from the process as soon as I made corporate aware of what was going on, which coincided with other workers speaking out against this executive in very large numbers. She was kicked out of her office and placed in an open area to work. And, she now has nothing to do with any interviews.

I'm hoping she'll be terminated in the new year. The stuff she's done...I'll have a lot of posts in the future!

Anyway, I'm obviously hoping I get this promotion. I've earned it. If I don't get it, I will consider myself of having been robbed of it and set up and will have to take some sort of action to fight it.

Hopefully, it doesn't come to that.

Wish me luck. I'll let you know what happens next week!!


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