Wednesday, November 24, 2010


For anyone going through trials and tribulations at work, try to stay positive and, literally, take this time to remind yourself to give thanks for the things that you do have in your life.

Don't allow any drama or issues at work to stop you from enjoying time with family and friends. Trust me, nobody else is worried about you at the job!

Stay in the moment.

Accept an invitation to go to someone's house or visit a few somebodies! Don't stay home moping around and feeling sorry for yourself. Don't isolate yourself from people.

There IS something you can be thankful thing at the very least.

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be hard holidays to get through, when you've been targeted by someone at work and/or are fighting for job/career survival. It's easy to fall into depression. If you're feeling really down, please talk to someone (friend, family, pastor, etc.) and release what's pent up inside so it doesn't destroy you from the inside out.

Remember this, happiness is a choice. Sometimes, it's a really hard choice depending on what's going on. You may have to work at happiness. It doesn't always come easily. But, you can try to choose your mood. Work at it.

Whatever you are going through, someone always has it worse. You've got people around the world (and in our country) fighting disease, famine, natural disasters, physical and sexual abuse, homelessness and worse. Some are fighting a combination of horrible factors.

So, for whatever it's worth, remind yourself that you still might be one of the lucky ones--despite everything. You have a social network of family and friends, you've got a roof over your head, and you have internal and external resources to fight back. You are not voiceless and you are not without options.

Let joy manifest from your heart, despite it all. You are blessed, even when you don't feel like it.

Let's all take the opportunity to thank those around us for what they bring to our lives. Let's not take the real things for granted. Be thankful and be hopeful. This to shall pass!

Peace and Blessings!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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