Friday, October 24, 2008

HOAX! White Woman Admits to Lying about Black Man Carving "B" into her Face (for Barack)

A White woman has admitted to lying to police about being mugged by a "dark-skinned Black man, 6' 4" tall, and about 250 pounds."

Her picture showed a Black eye and a backwards "B" on her cheek (because I guess the Black mugger didn't get no "edumacation").

The woman said the man approached her at an ATM and saw the McCain sticker on her car. She said he hit her, sexually assaulted her and carved a "B" in her face saying, "You're going to support Barack Obama."

Right! Muggers are REALLY REALLY into politics.

The second I heard this story, I told my mom this woman was a liar and it reminded me of Susan Smith, who drowned her two sons and blamed a Black man.

But, this shows the power of race. In order to help her candidate, McCain, she tried to create a story of a Black man committing a violent sexual assault against a White woman. This was supposed to enrage and mobilize Whites to switch to McCain, who were supporting Obama. There's no other reason for that lie. It's Willie Horton for 2008.

The liar's facebook or myspace page said she was looking for an ATM in a bad neighborhood and she logged off saying something about going to "make her mark."


Police say she'll be charged with making a false report.


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