Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vote Fact '08!

There's a new post below, but first I want to introduce a new item that will show up from time to time coming up to the election.

Since early voting has already started in some states and the rest of us will be voting on November 4th, I will occassionally post a voting fact or nugget of information for readers that I hope you'll share with everyone in your email list or post it on your own blog. I think we all remember the 2000 and 2004 elections and how Black voters were often disenfranchised, especially in places like Florida. Law abiding Black voters were listed as felons, had to deal with road blocks and were subjected to other problems. Now, we've got Republicans trying to use foreclosure lists in places with high numbers of Democratic voters. The GOP is often looking at urban areas for their voter suppression activities. Knowledge is power. So, today's fact is:

If you are using a touch screen voting machine...


Some voters in places like West Virginia, are reporting that they saw their selection of Barack Obama automatically switch to John McCain. This was done by the computer, they allege, and not by them. Poll workers told them they were careless, but they insist the machine switched the vote.

So, voters are being warned to ensure that their selection is accurately highlighted before pressing the button stating they are ready to submit their vote. If you see the selection switching, CALL OVER A POLL WORKER and get the situation addressed before submitting your vote.

Also, if you get a printed receipt from an electronic voting machine, check it WHILE YOU ARE STANDING AT THE MACHINE. If you vote Obama and see McCain's name on the receipt CALL OVER A POLL WORKER IMMEDIATELY. Don't move from your voting area. Call the worker over and get the situation addressed.

If you don't trust something about the voting machine, ASK FOR A PROVISIONAL (paper) BALLOT.



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