Thursday, September 11, 2008

Readers Have Their Own "Sam" or "Sista" Palins!

While I’m still recovering from my back, neck, and ankle issues, I’ve decided to share some feedback from readers regarding the Sarah Palin type personalities they work with. Not surprisingly, some people have a “Sam” and not a “Sarah” to contend with:

Anonymous #1 wrote: I DID actually work with one, but it was a man...and while I could continue, it is safe to say that I fought back with the weapons that the world sometimes uses against me.

Anonymous #2 wrote: Yes!! I work with a male Sarah Palin. He's not incompetent, but not as awesome as they make him out to be. Additionally, myself and a Sr. level person have about 4-5 yrs more experience --yet this Palin is being elevated beyond belief and taking lead roles, even in areas he has basic knowledge instead of the level needed to lead the role!! I try not to take it personally, but my office is geared towards young white males and they (and the mgmt) pretty much ignore us now and play each other up. The chest and self posturing would have to be seen to be believed...believe me--the resume is firing up, and I'm preparing my exit. Signed, competent, knowledgeable, assertive black female ignored from day 1.

Still, some people were dealing with a Sista “Sarah”…

DiosaNegra1967 wrote: I've worked with them several times in my career...and, in fact, this latest incident has caused me to re-think my career path entirely! here's something that might make your head spin, though...imagine, if you will, a sarah palin...only black. i've experienced THAT too...and I'M black....

Finally, Isista wrote about “Sarahs” of all kinds: Loved the article! I totally agree with this article as well as the previous one. There are tons of "Sarah" -like individuals out there, but they tend to come in all shades and colors and are not gender specific, as I have met many. In terms of Sarah Palin, I do not see what the "hype" is all about and find it quite hilarious as how people have hyped her up so well that even she believes it (the hype) too. So funny!

Continue to share your thoughts about your personal or the political Sarah Palin!


Anonymous walt235 said...

Obongo needs a rope around his neck that is tied to a tree branch!

6:05 PM  

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