Thursday, May 20, 2010

"I'm Sorry...And I Love You!"

I would like to be able to say that the quote in the title of this post is fabricated.
HOWEVER, I just had a conversation with my mom, who works at a school in Brooklyn, New York. An African-American, female aide has been having problems with some of the Russian aides. Basically, they reported her for "wandering around" after she stopped doing some of their work. So, she stopped speaking to them and stays away from their classroom.

Well, that wasn't good enough. And, the school (like many offices) isn't big enough to avoid people forever. So, they all run into each other and words are exchanged after the Black aide is accused of being "rude."

They go back and forth arguing for a few minutes. When a Russian teacher comes into the room, she listens to what is going on for a couple of minutes. Then...

She pulls the Black aide to the side and tells her that she should feel bad for speaking that way to women who are older than she is. And...

She is told that she needs to immediately apologize to the Russian women and tell them that she loves them.

This is literal.

She is told, "...go tell them you're sorry and that you love them."

The Black aide apologizes to the women, although she doesn't think she did anything wrong and although the arguing was instigated by the Russian women.

They do not apologize to her.

This is crazy, but not unbelievable to me. I've known about Blacks being asked to apologize for all types of things, even things that weren't their fault. And, I've been asked to apologize to Whites coworkers myself.

I HAVE NEVER APOLOGIZED TO ANYONE because someone thought they could intimidate me into doing so or even if they asked nicely.

Being asked to apologize to Whites, even when you haven't done something wrong...

just another issue that many Blacks face in the workplace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why non-whites in the workplace suffer anxiety & depression. We endure discrimination daily in the workplace because we have to make a living. It is not simply “leave if you are not happy”. Even if we find another position we still have to fight the situation because discrimination against non-whites is ubiquitous.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous ASTRA said...

Real very true we have too fight against this kinda of descrimination ..

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a white female and I am by no way shape form or fashion racist, I was married to a black man and have 2 mixed children. But I go through anxiety and depression in my work place too. Do I think racist things go on in the work place absolutely but not just to people of color. Right now there is one particular black female that every time things don't go her way she starts "its because I'm black", if the schedule gets changed to something she don't like, if she gets told not to wear something to work that she already knew she wasn't suppose to wear bc it is listed in the dress code that she is not suppose to wear it, a dress code that we all had to read and sign saying yes we read and understood , the list goes on and on. And because she is 1 of only 2 black females that work here she gets her way everytime. Because noone wants to be labeled as being racist nor do they have time to be bothered with the time and effort it would take to prove that they did not discriminate against her, so it is easier just to let her have her way! So should I go file a law suit?

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous you "were" married to a black man? Did you kill him or did he leave you? You sound bitter! Go sue if it makes you happy!

4:01 PM  

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