Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Call In The Troops!

If someone on your job is mistreating you AND WON’T STOP, speak to your supervisor and request a meeting between you, your supervisor, your harasser, and their supervisor.

Although you don’t want to give the impression that you can’t resolve your own problems, you don’t want to work somewhere that gives you tension headaches or where you walk half-way around the earth to avoid passing someone’s desk. There comes a time when you may need someone to mediate in order to resolve a volatile and sensitive situation.

But, before you speak to your supervisor about the issue, demonstrate that you’ve tried to come up with solutions on your own. This is where copies of offensive or nasty email and voicemail messages, hard copy documentation, recordings, and a log can come in handy to support your position. But, remember not to show your full hand. Only provide the least supporting evidence needed to effectively prove your point. Always hold something back, if possible. That way, if a trumped up case is built against you, you will still have a powerful arsenal of evidence that your employers are not aware of.

Having this evidence can be vital in discrediting false charges that may be brought against you by your employer. If the problem continues, after you’ve met with both supervisors and your harasser, contact Human Resources. Don’t let harassment or other mistreatment continue!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did all the above. I was reassigned to another supervisor, however at performnance review time there was sudden "significant issues" and hell to pay because there was an unwritten policy and ugly work culture that allowed supervisors & co-conspirators to gang up & retaliate against any employee who had the nerves to make such a report to HR. I was terminated and eventually went to the EEOC for a 5 year case. So in hindsight also weigh the subtle workplace injustices on such matters against your goals, choices and possible outcomes. Sometimes it may be deeply unfair,but so not worth the fight.

12:27 AM  

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