Thursday, December 03, 2009

Quick Tips: Find a Hero/Champion at Work

Don’t show loyalty to people who don’t mean you any good at work. Don’t try to buy people’s loyalty because it won’t hold. Showering an undeserving or racist coworker or manager with attention and praise won’t get you any respect…and it won’t stop any mistreatment or illegal abuse. In fact, it will get do the opposite.

No one respects a butt-kisser, even those whose asses are being kissed. So, instead of getting this person to stop their behavior, you are encouraging them to continue to mistreat you because you are agreeing to be a victim. Instead of aligning yourself with those that don’t deserve your energy or attention, you should focus on forming positive alliances and friendships. Those will be the individuals worthy of your respect and loyalty.

These are also the people who are more likely to champion your causes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

White supervisors have to walk on eggshells around problem employees if they are black. They best way to get back at your white boss after they yell at you is to accuse them of racism, and no one want to be accused of discrimination. It's worse for the individual accused of racism than it is for someone who is a victim.

The best way to deal with them is to kick the problem over to a black supervisor and let them reprimand the employee. Kissing that supervisor's ass and calling them 'brother' with only enrage to black supervisor even more.

10:07 PM  

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