Wednesday, December 09, 2009

President Obama Denies Americans the Chance to Watch Charlie Brown!

Most readers know I sometimes include posts that aren't work-related. Well, today is one of those days because a news clipping I read was so ridiculous and laughable that I couldn't pass up including it here.

Anyway, I've long seen that Black people can be accused of all sorts of things with a straight face. This accusation comes from a Tennessee mayor, who accuses our President, Barack Obama, of intentionally giving a speech so that it would knock the Peanuts Christmas cartoon off the air!


Barack Obama, still being accused of being a Muslim, did not want some Americans to see Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, Woodstock, and company enjoying Christmas or anything to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. So, what does our President do? He gives a speech that blocks the program...thus denying Christianity its moment on television!

You gotta love it.

Of course, the mayor says it was all just a joke. No, it was not. He was dead serious.

Anyway, here's the full clip from the New York Daily News website:


ARLINGTON, Tenn. — A Tennessee mayor is apologizing for writing on his Facebook page that President Barack Obama deliberately timed a speech last week to block the "Peanuts" Christmas special.

Russell Wiseman, mayor of the Memphis suburb of Arlington, also said the president is Muslim. Obama is Christian.

The Commercial Appeal reports Wiseman e-mailed the media Monday to say he regrets offending anyone with what he described as a "poor attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor amongst friends." He also says he allowed things to go too far.

The town issued a statement on its Web site saying the mayor's views do not reflect its official ideals and beliefs. Wiseman has since deleted his Facebook account.

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