Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't Have a "Screw It" Attitude

I know, when you're a target at work, it's tempting to just be like, "SCREW IT!" You feel pissed off, defeated, frustrated, and so many other emotions. And, you start to check out emotionally and detach yourself from what is going on around you. When you get up in the morning, you may feel like you'll get to work whenever you get to work. But, you should still avoid giving an employer, supervisor and/or coworker any ammunition to use against you and make your life miserable--while you are still working for your employer. So, here are some tips:


--Give your employer any ammunition to use against you

--Report to work late or leave early--especially on a regular basis

--Miss deadlines

--Be unprofessional

--Forget to double-check your work, etc.

--Take the bait (e.g., people will try to antagonize you to get an angry response that can be used against you later)

--Forget to document everything

--Keep your evidence at work where it can be found and destroyed

--Believe you can confide in all of your “trusted” coworkers/pals (people have agendas)

Try to be as smart as possible about surviving the workplace and remember that you may want to pursue other options at a later point, including contacting a lawyer or investigator.

Don't help an employer build a case against you!


Anonymous The Sphinx said...

Great points! I should anonymously send this to all my coworkers. There is sooo much inappropriate activity there, it's not even funny.

3:42 PM  

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