Friday, September 04, 2009

Avoid Trying to Score Points By Trashing Your Black Coworkers!

For those who are guilty of this workplace crime, please stop criticizing your Black workers simply as a way to score points with the Whites you work with!

Don’t act like you haven’t done it. Those who have, you know who you are. Perhaps you always like to criticize other African Americans on your job as being “too ghetto,” so that your White coworkers and managers will know that you are a “professional” and the other Blacks are not!

This catty behavior is simply uncalled for and harkens back to the Willie Lynch slave mentality that was ingrained in Blacks on the plantations. Why must we needlessly fight and bicker amongst ourselves, while others around us thrive?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s one thing to air real concerns or beef—about staff of any color—regarding poor work or inappropriate, unprofessional or odd behavior. But, it’s another thing to just look for crap to criticize other Blacks for as a means to show Whites that you don’t automatically align yourself with “your people” and that you are on their [the company’s/White people’s] side!

I know Blacks have been seasoned to assimilate as much as possible, but seeking to legitimize yourself at the expense of others is dead wrong! And, it doesn’t get you the respect of the White people you are so eager to dime your brothers and sisters out to. So, don’t be a…

Yeah, the word I’m looking for is “coon!” Don’t be a coon!! Stop running behind your Massa, while you try to put other Blacks up on the whipping block. Get some pride and do some darn work.

Try worrying about yourself. Only openly criticize other staff as necessary.

Besides, the same people you criticize your Blacks coworkers to are the same people who may talk about you the same way—behind your back. They probably think you are just as “ghetto” as those you point out. If not, they may have some other negative perception of you to chit chat about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do make a good point. But,
What about when other fellow black co-workers team up with each other against you to ridicule and shut you out for no reason? Well, because they think you "talk white" or "act white" or because you were not brought up around only other blacks but also around many whites and latinos as well? Even though you've never talked behind their backs to whites or even to other blacks? What do you do?

3:17 PM  

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