Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Question for Readers

Racial epithets? Racist drawings? Called the n-word? Denied workplace opportunities? Rampant stereotyping?

What has been your biggest battle or craziest experience with workplace racism?

Post a comment (anonymous is fine). I'll share some of your experiences on the main page in the near future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may be surprised to learn that in my agency the fight has been for equal civil rights. Hope you caught that, "equal" civil rights.

At my agency being white can and has made you an open target. The system known as EEO doesn't apply to you.

There is a perception that if you look white, you are white and will be treated as such. This makes little sense with a President in office who has made it clear that because he looks black, he identifies himself as black. His choice may be political, mine is not.

Congressman Elijah Cummings said in a speech last year that new class of multi-racial citizens are being over looked. He's absolutely right.

3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most co-workers are a little too savvy to make racial epithets out in the open in public so they are what I call “Closet Racist.” I believe that there are at least three categories of racist in the workplace, but they are all racist the same: (1) the bodacious racist; (2) the closet racist and (3) the preferences racist. All of these people share one common goal: they say that they prefer white folks; only associate with blacks who confirm their stereotypical racist beliefs and attack any black person who challenges their stereotypes.

The Bodacious Racist:
These people do not hide who they are and you can respect that even if you don’t like them. You know to stay out of their way because everything that comes out of their mouths is potentially a “class action lawsuit” waiting to happen. They have no trouble making statements like: “Mississippi Burning was my favorite picture”; “All black women are single mothers that have never been married”; “Black men are angry or ignorant.” This person will usually go down in flames when the company cannot use them anymore or are tired of moving them around and covering up for them. The do not associate with black people.

The Closet Racist:
These people are always associating with the bodacious redneck racist white folks. They sit silently and listen to their private jokes and laugh; take them out to grab a beer after work; you will find them tagged to the bodacious redneck racist person on FACEBOOK; or speaking fondly of the bodacious redneck racist and always trying to justify their behavior: “Oh, you know that’s how she/he is they really do not mean any harm.” The bottom line is: behind closed doors; when no one is looking; they are undeniably in agreement with the bodacious redneck racist. Quite frankly, you would not even recognize them as the same person. They are just too afraid to step up and be accounted as being one of the good ole boys or girls.

You can always identify the “Closet Racist” by who they are willing to associate with both at work and off of works premises. They associate only with blacks who confirm their racist beliefs.

The Racist who has Preferences:
These people are in complete denial because they will not admit that they are a racist. They are not easily identifiable. However, you will find them linked to the Bodacious Racist and the Closet Racist at weddings, private parties etc. You will find them involved in doing favors and going out of their way to give raises and promotions for whites that they would never do for blacks. You will find them covering up for the Bodacious Racist. Because this person does not know that they are a racist they are potentially the most dangerous. They will target you for termination, if they have the power to do so and encourage the involvement of their co-worker friends who range in the two previously mentioned categories up to and including other blacks that will bend for a dollar. They believe because they have associated with you, you owe them something and if you step out of your invisible lines that they’ve drawn, they will try to crush you.

Like the old folks used to say: "Everyone has done something, even if it doesn’t always hit the front pages!" White folks lynched blacks for years, “police even” and not one of them received a criminal sentence, lost their badge or served one day in the slammer until one shot Dr. Martin Luther King. When I look at the old pictures of blacks lynched and see the faces of the angry white mobs around them, I wonder --where are they now? I know, their children and grandchildren are currently working for my former employer.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Martha said...

This website is awesome and has/will have exceeding value! This site allows quiet but candid proffer of readers and writers alike --- most certain to engender truthful dialogue.
Thank you.

I am a part of professional organizations but these organizations are the most ridiculous and unfortunately wrought with stereotypical "crab madness" and most of the players aren't even good at the game --- nevertheless it's sad, hurtful and disheartening and most certainly diminishes the organizations us as people of color.

We have to remain professional but candid with one another and point out the fallacy of 'swelling self aggradizement in the barrel' --- it's counterproductive and what's more, stupid! I don't subscribe to the slave mentality as an explanation of the crab in the barrel --- those kine (K-I-N-E intended) are veritable cowards. It's not about the slave mentality, it's just cowardice!


9:45 PM  

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