Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As President-elect Barack Obama is poised to be sworn in as President, at noon (EST) today and one day after we celebrated Dr. MLK Day, we should all remember that we have much work to do.

Today is historic, as our first Black President is sworn in. However, it can't be about this one man. It also has to be about the man next to you!

The civil rights struggle did not end with Obama's election to the presidency and it will not end after he is officially sworn in as President. The fight for human and civil rights and workplace rights will continue.

If we can carry the good will forward and press on with the calls for real change and the hopes for a better future--that were a major part of the Obama campaign-- maybe, just maybe, we can continue to see race-based hurdles and obstacles fade away.

Hopefully, our younger generation will decide to do things differently than we've done them and will decide to be better people than some of us have been. Hopefully, youth will not follow the example of those among us who've decided they can be the judge, jury, and executioner of their fellow Americans by denying them homes, jobs, promotions, etc. based on racial biases. Hopefully, our youth will pave their own way and will show us a thing or to about how to be American. Better yet, maybe they can show us a thing or two about being human and humane.

Racism will never die. But, maybe, just maybe, it can diminish. That takes work. And, part of that work has been done on this historic day. Today shows that the content of a man's character should mean and can mean more than the color of that man's skin.

We need many more todays and have much more work to do to ensure true equality for all Americans. We must continue to keep our eyes on the prize and continue the struggle for our rights.

Let's enjoy the moment and feel the pride of having our first Black president. And, then, let's get back to the fight! We can make positive changes in this country and, I pray, we will!! We can only do that by carrying this moment forward!

What are your thoughts on the inauguration and the struggle for civil rights? Post a comment!


Blogger Thomas Jackson said...


Yesterday was a great day for many reasons. A young President moved into the White House with a young family. Change is in the air, but what change is what we'll have to wait and see.

People should not confuse the color of the President's skin with his intent as a President. Similarly we should not think that he will be the champion of blacks. I think he will be the champion (I hope) of America.

3:06 AM  

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