Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Investigator Yanked!

Just a quick update on my complaint against a former employer. My investigator was just yanked from my case--at my request--after I had to complain about him to his boss. Long story short, he tried to brow beat me into settling my case for pennies and he is trying to get away with not rendering a decision in my case. If I settle, it just goes away and his job is done and there's one less case on his desk. So, I guess he figured he could bully me into doing what he wanted.

Despite his persistence, I insisted he render a decision because I could not and would not settle my case without my former employer having any accountability. I told him to make a decision one way or another. Well, that pissed the investigator off and the conversation degenerated into a shouting match.

I called the Compliance Director for the agency, who referred me to the investigator's direct supervisor. She called me and heard what I had to say. She couldn't apologize enough and immediately yanked the investigator off my case.

I will be following up the phone call with a formal written complaint against the investigator for his employee file. I would like to see action taken against him and/or for his work to be reviewed.

I have to say, I feel sorry for any vulnerable people who've had to deal with him because he is very forceful and he is a bully. I can only imagine how many minority workers, female workers, disabled workers, etc. have done what he said simply because he demanded they take certain actions and because he spoke about their cases in the most unfavorable light.

My word of caution to everyone dealing with an investigator is that you still have to stay on your toes and you still have to document everything. Don't think your work is done because your employer is being investigated. You don't know how committed anyone is to fulfilling the mission of their job, including investigators and even lawyers.

Don't just blindly put your trust and faith in any investigator. If something isn't right, complain about it. Don't be afraid to speak up. And, as always, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!

Stay strong!


Blogger Hawa Bond said...

Awesome message. People tend to accept lawyers and other "help" with blind faith. But they're not above fair and diligent scrutiny - and some may be pure scum.

I can see how some people are so relieved to get "help" that they don't watch the helper closely enough.

Love the blog!

Hawa, author of Fackin Truth Blog and Cleanse Master Remix

12:49 PM  

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