Monday, January 26, 2009

Stay Away From Workplace Troublemakers!

Here's one tip that can be used by workers of all races...stay away from the troublemakers and instigators at your job.

Some troublemakers can be really "cool," despite the fact that they always find themselves in the middle of things, including spreading people's business around the office. However, the coolness factor is usually part of their modus operandi. It's how they manage to stay involved in drama. It's why they always know what's going on. It's how they can spread rumors and have people give them an ear. It's how they can wield information like a sledgehammer and go on the attack against anyone they don't like, are jealous of, etc.

If there are folks on your job that always seem to be somehow connected to crisis and drama, keep your distance from them. It's just not worth forming a relationship with them because it's only a matter of time before you get caught up in something. It also may only be a matter of time before they turn their evil gaze upon you!

If you have a falling out with a troublemaker and/or you have something they want and/or they need a scapegoat for something they're involved in, etc. you can end up on the wrong side of this person and involved in some serious stuff at work.

Don't think that a troublemaker won't go after you and that they'll just do it to other folks. No! A real troublemaker and/or instigator can go after anyone under the right circumstances.

Stay clear of people that can end up forcing you to be called into meetings or who can go around spreading rumors about you based on a work relationship and personal conversations. Don't hang around someone with a loose tongue because you can have things attributed to you that were said by them! You don't want to end up with enemies of someone else's making!

If you have to work with a troublemaker and/or instigator, that's fine. Deal with them for business. You can even be friendly during required interactions. But, keep it business. Don't become lunch buddies and don't become the go-to person for someone that is always involved in trouble or who you've seen causing trouble for others.

It's bad enough that there are some folks who are so slick with their troublemaking and drama creation that we don't even know who they are or what drama they've caused. So, we don't have to compound the problem of having unknown troublemakers in our work lives by inviting known troublemakers into our inner circle of work buddies.

Watch people. See how they get down. Cut and choose folks in a way that suits your professional well-being and reflects who you are.

Remember, dirty water seeks its own level. Don't sink to the level of workplace troublemakers or give them any credibility by wasting your good reputation on them! Someone's bad reputation can unjustly impact how others view you. Remember that!


Anonymous paula said...

I am white and and have part black relatives who I love. When I was working I got troubled when supervisors stated derogatory remarks about all minorities. I told the supervisors to keep their mouths shut about minorities. I was then treated horrible and retired before I wanted. I filed a grievance to the feds I worked for, but never have received a reply.

5:22 AM  

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