Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tips for Responding to Nasty and/or Offensive Emails

Here are some general suggestions to follow, when you are responding to nasty and offensive emails , including emails where you are being blamed for something you did not do or where an incident is being misrepresented (e.g., a meeting with a client). When, writing correspondence:

--Don’t just click “reply” to respond to a negative email. You should prepare your response in another software format, like Microsoft Word. When you receive an email that angers you, you may accidentally send the message before you are ready to do so. There may be plenty of language that you would have edited out in a second go at your correspondence. If you know you’re pissed off, compose your response in another program (like Word) and cut and paste your reply into the email when you are ready to send it.

--Always assume someone else may be blind-copied on an email. This is why you should develop the habit of clicking on the “Rely to All,” when responding to email. This is also why you should always retain the highest level of professionalism--at all times! Don’t lash out and don’t respond with the first feelings that come to mind. Take your time thinking about what you want to say, what information you need to include, and what tone is appropriate for your response.

--Highlight the areas of question or concern. When you’re mad, you may tend to respond from emotion. Try to avoid this behavior. Instead:

--Be very specific about the issue.

--Identify exact quotes or language to support your claims.

--Address how this impacts your work or reputation, if you are being falsely accused of performance deficiencies.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually I have already been using Word to type email to check grammar & spelling, then copy & paste onto the reply section. It is a very good suggestion Mary.

4:16 AM  

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