Monday, August 18, 2008

IN THE NEWS: "The Obama Nation" - The Abomination (Get It?)

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama hit back Thursday with a 40-page rebuttal to the best-selling book "The Obama Nation," arguing the author is a fringe bigot peddling rehashed lies.

Regarding the play on words (Obama Nation for Abomination) – There are many web sites now claiming that Obama is the Anti-Christ!

I would like to note that the book is a best–seller because of large bulk sales to conservative organizations and churches. The New York Times Best-Sellers List has a dart next to the book sales figures specifically because the sales figures are called into question due to these very large bulk sales.

Thanks to Jill for sending me the links to check out regarding “The Obama Nation”(cut and paste the links):

Fight the Smears website:

.PDF file link:



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