Monday, June 23, 2008

White Workers Should Not Complain That They Are Being Forced Into Political Correctness

I was speaking to someone, who mentioned a conversation she had with a White, male coworker. He was complaining about political correctness and saying that he thought some people used it as a crutch to play the victim because they were overly sensitive and wanted to control everyone by being part of the so-called “word police.”

Here’s my take on political correctness (especially at work)…

You can’t say what the f*ck you want to say!

Period! This goes for the workplace or anywhere else. There are consequences for running your mouth a certain way and offending people, such as getting your a** kicked, getting written up at work, hiding from your neighbors (so you don’t get your a** kicked), losing respect from people you were friendly with, losing your job, etc.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone doesn’t have the right to go around saying the most offensive things to any and everyone and then getting upset, when the person tells them off, confronts them about their language or makes a formal complaint about what they’ve said.

We live in a country, where Blacks were called “ni**er,” “boy,” “coon,” “spade,” and anything under the sun by Whites. This was in and out of the workplace. So, now, that people can’t be as fast and footloose as they want with demeaning language, racial innuendo, and flat out bad manners, they want to complain that people are policing them and violating their right to insult others.

This whole political correctness thing came out of the fact that Blacks, gays, women, the physically and mentally challenged, etc. were all being very vocal about what they would and would not tolerate regarding language and labels. Everyone was fed up! It was part of an attempt to censor those, who obviously cannot censor themselves.

You should not have to be told that you can’t say certain things to or in front of certain people. If you had any fair portion of a decent upbringing, you wouldn’t even have to be told that you have to watch your mouth. We all know people say all sorts of things in private conversations. But, once you leave your home and, particularly in the workplace (representing someone else and receiving money for your skills), you do not have a right to show every inch of your ignorance.

Blacks and others are tired of hearing people defend bigots and other miscreants with arguments that we so-called misunderstood what they said or meant or that we are taking it the wrong way or that they didn’t know any better or that they didn’t mean it that way, etc. Everyone in the workplace needs to stop defending people who repeatedly say things that would fall into the category of being politically incorrect.

If you say it more than once, regardless of how you may change the words up a bit, then you meant it. It’s not about political correctness. It’s not about so-called joking around. Watch your mouth!

As far as management in the workplace, everyone must be held to the same standard. I guarantee you that a Black person being politically incorrect and calling a White coworker or manager a “cracka” or “ofay” or something else would quickly escalate into the Black person being written up, suspended, terminated, etc. So, we need to see that kind of vigilance in dealing with foul and offensive language on both sides.

If someone finds it hard to work 4, 8 or however many hours they work per day without saying something that isn’t politically correct, that person has a real problem! They are sick. It should not take any effort to be respectful of everyone around you. If you are having issues, that is on you and has nothing to do with anyone being sensitive, hypersensitive or ultrasensitive.

It takes a lot of nerve to get angry because you’re used to saying what the f*ck you want and now you can’t do it. Just be glad you got away with it for as long as you did and call it a day. Get your stuff together and behave like a decent human being. Give everyone the respect they deserve and that you would demand and you will never have to worry about being politically correct. You will never cross that line!!!

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