Monday, June 23, 2008

Poll: Some Whites Think Obama Would “Do Too Much” for African-Americans as President

An ABC/Washington Post poll conducted June 12-15 indicates that roughly three in ten Americans express “less racially sensitive views,” such as having some feelings of prejudice or generally believing that African-Americans in their communities do not experience discrimination. Sen. John McCain holds a 26-point advantage over Obama with this group of voters.

Of the 32 percent of white voters who admit experiencing feelings of racial prejudice, 31 percent think Obama would “do too much” for African-Americans if he is elected president.

The Blogger wonders what exactly “too much” is.

I wonder if these same Whites feel that White Presidents “do too much” for White Americans? I’m sure they wouldn’t believe that. They probably don’t think enough is done for Whites.

Interesting that so many Whites admit to having fears that Blacks might get some measure of equality or, at the very least, that someone might listen to their concerns or needs. Its' kind of bold to admit that you like a huge segment of the American population to be ignored and that you want it to remain that way.




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