Sunday, July 09, 2006


Many clients will send out emails and/or cards thanking you for doing a good job on a project. If your supervisor and the director of your department are not copied on the email, make sure you forward the email to them and anyone else who should be aware of the great job you did on behalf of the company.

Tip #1: Create an email folder solely to store these types of emails.

Tip #2: Print out hard copies of the emails and save in a folder.

Tip #3: Forward copies of congratulatory emails to your private Internet account.

You should keep a record of how you’ve succeeded at work. These emails are great in not only showing that a client is happy, but can also reveal some specific contributions you made and may highlight your positive behaviors and attitudes. This is important evidence that shouldn’t be ignored. Your performance review is directly linked to your salary increase.

Tip #4: Right before performance reviews are being written, email all of these congratulatory messages to your reviewer or provide them with a hard copy. Copy any congratulatory cards and share them with your reviewer.


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