Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Major Changes In The Workplace!

Sorry, I've missed posts the past two days, but I've had some major changes going on at work. Not only are we entering our yearly review period, but we also have new management.

We seem to have a wave of employees receiving below standards on their yearly reviews, which means they don't receive a pay increase AND they could be working their way towards unemployment. And, we've had a long-time manager fired, another demoted, and are undergoing a complete restructuring, title changes, etc.

For me, there is the issue of "new opportunities" and whether or not my employer will promote from within. We've seen a couple of people passed over for outside workers. The jobs that were filled weren't even posted. They never got to apply. This is something they should fight but they don't want to.

There is a woman at work, who's done the hiring--bringing in people she recently worked with before joining our company and not promoting from within--who I KNOW doesn't want me to get one of the "new opportunities."

Unfortunately, for her, the new director likes me a lot and told her she is to speak to me about this new job. She's beside herself and can't even hide it. She even asked him what he saw in me.

He told her.

And, he has the last word. She has to speak to me next week about this new job. I want to speak about the pay increase, as well.

This woman came in and changed things for the worst. And, another person comes in and seems ready to undo a lot of what she's done.

This just goes to my point that you never know what kind of work environment will be created at your job just based on personalities, biases, and personal agendas. Right now, there seems to be a tug of war between two people with absolute authority. One has worked for us for 8 months and the other for 3 weeks!! We don't know what will happen to any of us, when the dust settles.

There definitely seems to be a good vs. evil element to this. A schemer vs. someone trying to make our workplace a more positive environment. The schemers never go down without putting up an extraordinary fight. They try to wear you down.

The schemers have to go. People have to be prepared to help them out of the door. Right now, we've got people at work preparing to speak up and ask for a change in behavior or a change in personnel. We'll see what happens.

For now, I remain positive. I see potential for things to get better at work. However, I do see how they might be ugly at first. There's definitely some fighting and speaking up to be done.

I will keep you posted.


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