Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things NOT To Do...

If you're under attack at work, DON’T:

--Give your employer any ammunition to use against you

--Report to work late or leave early on a consistent basis

--Take leave (because of stress) during an important project

--Miss deadlines or cause deadlines to be missed

--Be unprofessional in behavior or language

--Forget to double-check your work for errors

--Take the bait (e.g., people will try to antagonize you to get an angry response that can be used against you later)

--Forget to document everything that's happening, including meetings with management, attacks, denial of work, harassment, etc.

--Keep your evidence at work where it can be found and destroyed

--Conduct Internet research on discrimination or harassment at work or do Internet searches for employment lawyers or on agencies like EEOC at work (most companies use tracking software)

--Don't threaten to sue for discrimiation or harassment. Let your lawyer announce that, if you actually proceed!

--Sign statements drafted by your employer admitting to any inappropriate behavior or admitting to falsified performance deficiencies

--Prepare and submit statements to HR or your supervisor under employer duress--they can't force you to write anything!

--Believe you can confide in all of your “trusted” coworkers/pals (people have agendas and may sell you out)


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