Friday, June 18, 2010

QUICK TIPS: Promotion Announcements Can Help You Prove Discrimination

If you are trying to demonstrate disparate treatment and discrimination in the workplace, having a copy of promotion charts or announcements will help illustrate who is receiving promotions at your company and who is being passed over.

Many companies will email or post a list of promotions when announcing the good news to the rest of the workforce or they may send out emails announcing individual promotions.

Save any written notices of promotions and make copies of the announcements in case your electronic files are accidentally deleted. If detailed information is not included in the promotion announcements, do as much research as you can to obtain the grade/level, race, and previous title of each individual, if you have a way of identifying this information. Write this information on the promotion announcement for each person. Always think about what information you need to prove a case of racial discrimination by an organization.

If over time you can show that only Whites are promoted or there is a rare Black promotion, this information could help you prove there's something amiss at your job.

While you're employed, save everything that's relevant. But, be really sneaky about it. If you're having issues, you are being watched!


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