Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chickens Come Home to Roost...

Some interesting things going on at work.

We've got some very immature people running my store. According to rumors, management (male and female) has been sleeping with workers and engaging in ultra-friendly relationships outside the job. Most of the workers are on the facebook pages of managers and they share stories about drinking, partying, etc.

It makes sense that these workers are the "favorites" at our job. They get all their requests granted for special treatment, time off (without using their paid time off), etc.

Well, the store director had a run-in with one of the people who has always gotten away with murder. She suspended this young woman without pay for doing something she's always allowed her to do. That suspension was to retaliate against the worker, who decided she didn't like the boss anymore and started staying away from her. The boss asked her whey she didn't speak and the worker said she didn't care for her.

She was honest! And, she was suspended shortly after that. But...

As they say...


This worker called our ombudsman and our corporate office. On her first day back from suspension, 4 corporate personnel had flown in to speak to her. That must have been some phone call!!

Anyway, they met with the worker for 4 hours!! She told every dirty deed she knows that all levels of managers have committed. She told about sexual relationships, about using administrative procedures to "run people out" that they didn't like, spreading personal business to staff that was supposed to be confidential, managers goofing off and sleeping downstairs (she had pictures!), managers gossiping about working after hours on train rides with staff, managers using company funds to pay for lunch for their "favorites," and much more!

It just goes to show that not every issue at work is race-related. But, there's a ton of senstive issues that can crop out.

A friend and I always wondered how companies and managers can go after people, when they have so much commonly known dirt on their hands.

We finally decided the answer was...


They get away with murder and think there isn't an end to it. They don't think there is ever going to be a point where a worker will stand up to them. They think they can retaliate and push buttons and never suffer consequences.

Who knows how this drama at my job will turn out...

But, it seems a fair share of embarassment is going to go around. I will not be surprised if some new faces appear by the summer. New faces running the store!!

Chickens come home to roost!

I hope all of it was worth it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Occasionally there will be someone who is brave enough or angry enough, or does not have to worry about losing her job and take the boss to task. In your story this woman is most courageous.

12:04 AM  

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