Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sand Beneath Your Feet

Ever stand in the water, at the beach, and feel the sand shifting beneath your feet? With each passing wave, you feel as if you are sinking a bit deeper and are on shaky ground.

Sometimes that happens at work.

Right now, at my job we've seen a couple of our big-time execs suddenly up and resign. It feels like a restructuring is going on behind the scenes and everyone feels a bit tense. There's no obvious reason to question our job security, but something feels off...things feel a bit unsteady--just like sand beneath our feet.

We've suddenly seen people steadily and surely being reprimanded for performance issues. Some seem legit, but some seem questionable because we've lost some high performers. It feels like someone is cleaning house.

Have you ever felt this at a workplace before?

My thoughts and suggestions would be to:

--keep doing a good job at work;

--update your resume;

--talk to friends & family about job opportunities (just in case);

--start reflecting on educational opportunities or a career change; and

--doing everything possible not to give anyone ammunition to get rid of you or to target you.

You never know where the sand will take you, but you can try to be prepare for small and big surprises!


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