Thursday, July 06, 2006

Faith Is Not Found In Slogans!

Let Go and Let God!

On the one hand, that’s a motivating sentiment. Don’t dwell on your problems. God has the answer. Everything will be alright.

But, on the other hand, that religious slogan can be a crutch. Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! To some of us that just means…Do nothing! Do nothing! Do nothing!

I think some of us use religion as a crutch to do nothing about our life situations. People get carried away with the “Let Go and Let God” mantra. To far too many African Americans, that saying means that you should sit back and do nothing because God will handle it all.

My pastor used to say, “You have to make a step towards God and then He’ll make two steps towards you.” He spoke of physics and the fact that matter can’t occupy the same space at the same time. He said people resisted getting rid of something bad, but by doing so there was no room in their life for something good to take its place. He talked about holding on to dead-end jobs that were killing you just as much as he talked about hanging on to a man that was no good. He talked about freeing yourself of the evil and negative. He spoke of walking by faith and not by sight.

Yes, God has the master plan. But, relinquishing control to God, who’s in control 24/7, doesn’t mean just sitting around and praying for His intervention.

During the Civil Rights Era, our church leaders didn’t just make speeches from the pulpits. They organized boycotts and marches and got involved in the political process. They didn’t just talk about social and economic justice, they did something about it! They believed in action—non-violent action—that could change the life of the masses.

Those of us who are religious or spiritual should rely on our faith, in good times and bad times. But, don’t use faith as an excuse. Live in reality, look in the mirror, and ask yourself what you can and are willing to do to improve your situation.

Have faith that God wants you to take responsibility for your life!


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Say "Amen" somebody!!!!

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